Think you have a Great Exercise Routine? Find out Why You’re Doing It Wrong

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

You wake up, make your breakfast, maybe check the news and your social media sites on your computer or smartphone. Then, you head out to work or wherever your morning routine takes you. It’s comforting to have that routine; human beings enjoy the predictability and stability that routine brings. Plus, no matter when you exercise or how, routine can help you keep a schedule to stay fit. But should stick to one specific workout routine?

Fitness Vs. Routines

You’ve likely noticed that the more you workout, the easier things get. It doesn’t matter whether it’s biking, swimming, running, weightlifting, sports, or activity of any kind. Our bodies react and adapt to what we put them through. It’s why exercise works.

But when it comes to routine, going to the gym or hitting the same trail over and over again is going to start giving you diminishing returns. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get the same results as when you first started. The fitness community and science in general proved this over and over again.


Our bodies react best when they are constantly exposed to different activities. It’s why you feel incredibly sore after trying a new exercise, a new biking or running path, or a new swim stroke.