Using Avocados for Weight Loss

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

In comparison, having high carbohydrate meals based around foods like bread, potatoes, corn, rice and pasta will usually increase hunger by significantly fluctuating insulin levels in your blood.


Weight Loss with Avocado

Amongst many important other things, insulin is the powerful hormone that removes excessive glucose from your blood. It stores this excess glucose, in small amounts in the liver and muscles, but once those are full, in your waist’s adipose fat cells.

To make matters worse, this process of storing carbohydrates as fat regularly leads to low blood sugar. This stimulates more hunger for carbs and the process repeats itself again.


It has been named the insulin rollercoaster for obvious reasons. But you have to ask yourself, are those short sugar highs really worth the constant hunger and resulting tiredness and weight gain that so many of us are putting ourselves through on it each day?

The only good time for a big carbohydrate meal is the night before heavy exercise if your fitness level is already high. For most of us, there’s a more steady energy level and a natural and effective weight loss in an eating plan low in high glycemic carbohydrates like grains.

Instead base your meals around nutritious vegetables, healthy sources of protein and beneficial fats like those found in avocado.


Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day for weight loss. By making low-carbohydrate and high-protein avocado recipes, you can start off your morning with your hunger satisfied and not feeling the need to eat for much longer than if you had toast or cereal.

It’s eating like this, not counting calories, starving yourself or trying to avoid all fats, that is the real key to effective weight loss.