7 Easy Ways To Quickly Unclog Your Lymph Nodes To Reduce Swelling And Flush Out Toxins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

lymphatic system

4. Inversion Table

An inversion table is a perfect way to help move lymph. It is a padded table that essentially allows you to lie upside down while strapped in by your feet.


This process helps to decompress your joints and thus stimulate not only your lymphatic system but also your circulatory system.

By doing this regularly, you allow the blood and oxygen to reach your tissues, which then helps to remove any toxic buildup in your muscles.


Inversion allows you to take advantage of gravity to pull the lymph through your body. (4)

5. Supplements/Herbs

There are several supplements that are known to help with lymph drainage.

Red clover: This herb has been shown to be effective for treating both acute and chronic lymphatic congestion as well as swollen lymph nodes.


As with many herbs, they often work best when combined with other herbs that have complementary actions.

In this case, red clover works well with cleavers, horsetail, self-heal or heal-all herb (Prunella vulgaris), stinging nettle and purple coneflower root also known as Echinacea. (5)