Top 9 Natural Herbs For Memory

by DailyHealthPost

6. Rhodiola Rosea

This herb has long history of use as a treatment for various kinds of illnesses. More than its reputation to treat and manage diseases, rhodiola is recognized as one of the best herbs that enhance memory. Some people called this herb as Aaron’s rod, roseroot or golden root. Recent scientific studies claim that rhodiola has the ability to relieve depression and improve one’s focus and memory.

Some researchers believe that this herb contains adaptogenic qualities which stimulate the central nervous system of the body, thereby resulting in enhanced memory and concentration. One study revealed that intake of rhodiola regularly can increase one’s memorization abilities.

7. Bacopa

If you are in search for the best memory-enhancing herbs available today, then bacopa should be on your list. Numerous studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of bacopa in improving one’s memory and mental function. Most of the results revealed that, indeed, bacopa has the ability to promote mental health and better memory.

In ayurvedic medicine, bacopa has been used since old times to enhance learning, concentration and memory. To test the effectiveness of bacopa, a scientific study in Australia was conducted and it involved 46 volunteers aging from 18-60. The volunteers were divided into two groups and each volunteer in one group was given 300mg of bacopa everyday. After 12 weeks, researchers found out that there has been a significant improvement on the subjects’ verbal learnings abilities, speed of information processing and memory. Today, bacopa is widely used as a treatment for memory problems.

8. Gotu Kola

Also referred to as Indian Pennywort, gotu kola is an amazing herb that promises great results in enhancing the memory and improving brain functions. Generally, this powerful herb helps in improving one’s mental function. In traditional Chinese and ayurvedic medicine, gotu kola is used in rejuvenating the mind and the body and is considered an “anti-aging” herb.

According to studies, gotu kola contains certain substances that increase brain power and improves blood circulation to the brain which results to better memory, concentration, intelligence, and attention span.

9. Periwinkle

Known for its antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-cancer and sedative effects, periwinkle also makes a great herb that enhances memory. Its seeds and leaves actually contain vincamine which is considered as a precursor to vinpocetine. This chemical is a blood thinner that improves circulation of blood to the brain and promotes better oxygen use. Today, this chemical is widely used to enhance memory naturally. In fact, vinpocetine is one of the most potent ingredients found in many pharmaceutical products for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Some researchers claim that periwinkle works like ginkgo biloba in enhancing memory. Its vinpocetine content acts as a powerful scavenger of free radicals. This chemical prevents any damages to the blood vessels thereby preventing dementia and senility. Furthermore, it encourages the brain to absorb more nutrients which significantly improves the organ’s functions. By increasing oxygen supply to the brain, cognitive and memory abilities are enhanced significantly.

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Special Mention: Blueberries

Can berries really improve memory? It appears that they can. Modern scientific studies found out that blueberries contain powerful compounds like flavonoids, which are believed to be effective in enhancing learning ability, cognitive functions, verbal comprehension, numerical ability, decision making, reasoning ability, and more importantly, memory. Furthermore, studies show that regular intake of flavonoids helps in slowing down the decline in cognitive ability and it offers protection against diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In a study conducted at Harvard University, intake of blueberries helps in boosting brain power. Also, it has been found to aid in staving off cognitive decline and in preventing memory loss that normally comes with aging. According to researchers, flavonoids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that play vital roles in improving brain functions as inflammation and stress are considered as one of the major factors that can trigger the decline in brain functions.


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