Top 6 Reasons Why You’re Forgetful

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Did you forget where you put your keys again? Maybe you can’t remember what you ate for dinner yesterday. Memory loss is a familiar problem for many people.

You might think that poor memory is just a product of getting older. For some people this is the case. For many, bad memory is the sign of other problems.

It’s best to consider these common reasons for bad memory before you write your memory loss off as a sign of old age.


It doesn’t matter how old you are. These factors play a role in everyone’s ability to remember things.

1. Depression


Depression is a leading cause of memory problems. When you get depressed, it’s difficult to concentrate.

Lapses in concentration prevent your brain from recalling experiences and can even hurt you ability to store them in the first place.

An analysis of scholarship on depression and memory loss was published in the Psychological Bulletin[1].

Researchers stated “depression is linked to particular aspects of memory” and that “the linkage is found in particular subsets of depressed individuals.”

Not all depressed people experience memory loss, but studying your own depression may still be one of the self-assessment tools you can use to determine if it is a root cause.