This Is What Happens To Your Blood Pressure When You Use THIS Instead Of Salt…

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

food swap

Have high blood pressure?

Here’s a new way to fight it: Add more herbs and spices to your food.

This recommendation stems from a new study presented at the American Heart Association 2014 meeting, which showed that adults who switched out salt for herbs and spices consumed much less sodium and as a result were able to lower their blood pressure.

“Salt is abundant in the food supply and the average sodium level for Americans is very high – much higher than what is recommended for health living,” says Cheryl A.M. Anderson, lead study author and associate professor at the University of California San Diego.

Details of The Study

Blood pressure continues to be a problem for adults and children alike – something that can contribute to serious heart problems over the long-run.

Which is why reducing salt intake is particularly important for individuals with high blood pressure; a high-sodium diet is linked with this condition, which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

In her study, Anderson sought to teach these people how to lower their sodium levels naturally without sacrificing flavor – a change just as easy as switching out salt for herbs and spices instead.

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“We need a public health approach aimed at making it possible for consumers to adhere to an eating pattern with less salt,” says Anderson. “This intervention using education and tasty alternatives to sodium could be one solution.”