5 Old School Food Remedies That Actually Work

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

honey and ginger

In today’s modern world, it’s easy to forget that some classic remedies can be just as effective – if not more effective – at treating medical conditions than pharmaceutical drugs.

Here are 5 natural remedies that you should be aware of. In fact, some doctors still recommend these because they can be a quick and natural way to take care of your body.

1. Ginger



Ever had an older relative recommend ginger ale for an upset stomach? While the carbonated option isn’t necessarily the best – candied ginger or ginger tea is better – ginger really does work for treating nausea and indigestion[1].

Whether you are having nausea related to common ailments like the flu or morning sickness during pregnancy, ginger is a quick and easy way to settle your stomach.

2. Cranberry Juice


Whether you have a history of chronic UTIs or you are looking to prevent them before they occur, cranberry juice is a surefire way to protect yourself and to keep healthy.

Though the exact reason cranberry juice is so effective at preventing UTIs is still unknown, studies suggest that it is very effective at reducing the amounts of certain kinds of bacteria in the urinary tract[2]. Those who don’t like the taste of cranberry juice can get the same benefits from a capsule containing the essence of cranberry.