The Health Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

by DailyHealthPost

Do you know how much sleep you need? Recently, BBC News covered a story on an athlete who was killed in a car crash because he had reportedly ‘not slept in two days.’ In our society, athletes aren’t the only ones who sacrifice sleep to run marathons.

Day-to-day life demands that individuals put sleep on the back burner. However, studies are now suggesting that the cost of insufficient sleep is too great to ignore. The following infographic released by Health Central depicts the many health hazards of sleep deprivation. Many of us might be surprised by the risks, which include increased chances of breast cancer and diabetes.

It is unfair, however, to suggest that a busy schedule is the only reason for lack of rest. Sleep disorders are common today, and range from insomnia to restless leg syndrome to sleep apnea.

It has been estimated that 90% of people who have trouble sleeping also face another health condition. Here are some other lesser-known health dangers you should consider:

Higher Risk of Hypertension – It is commonly believed that 5 to 6 hours of sleep is healthy. However, studies show that anything less than 7 to 8 hours will raise your blood pressure.

Bad Cravings – Sleep helps keep important hormones in balance. Levels of ghrelin (which makes you feel hungry) will increase, while leptin (which makes you feel full) will decrease.

Higher Risk of Stroke – Sleep is essential to cardiovascular health and getting blood flow to the brain. Not getting enough sleep can lead to stroke or heart failure.


Many mistakenly think they are doing themselves a favor by sacrificing sleep, maybe giving themselves an advantage in productivity. But in reality, sleep maintains a healthy mood and the ability to think properly, which will contribute far more to productivity than the time you buy by avoiding your bed.


Are you getting enough sleep?


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