The Body Will Give You These 10 Signs If Your Kidney Is In Danger

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

symptoms of kidney problems

Symptoms of Kidney Problems

1. Changes in your Urine

This is one of the first signs your kidneys are in trouble. So If you notice any of the following changes, speak to your doctor:

  • Pressure during urinating
  • Trouble urinating
  • Foam in your urine
  • Dark urine followed by less frequent urinating and/or urinating in small amounts
  • Pale urine and more frequent urination in larger amounts
  • Need to urinate many times during the night (although this can be a sign of other issues as well)

2. Excessive Swelling

Because your kidneys are responsible for filtering any fluid in your body, if this fluid starts to back up, you will notice swelling, typically in your hands and feet as these small organs struggle to eliminate any excess fluid.

In addition, protein in your urine is also a clear sign your kidneys are in trouble and the tiny filters are not working properly.


When this happens, the filters allow protein to seep through into your urine. People with kidney issues will often notice they have a telltale puffiness around their eyes, which is caused by large amounts of protein in their urine. You may also notice swelling in your joints.

3. Shortness of Breath

While you may not automatically see shortness of breath as a symptom of kidney problems, this is actually a very common sign.

When your kidneys are taxed, fluid can build-up in the lungs, making it harder to take a deep breath.


Less oxygen in your blood makes it harder for your body to function, causing you to become out of breath quicker.