Sugar Addiction Kills More People Than Illegal Drugs

by Sahara Rose

sugar addiction

Calling All Sugar-Fiends!

Did you know that little white stuff you sprinkle into your coffee, that’s hidden in your granola bar and is filled in your dessert is as addictive of that white powder that’ll get you behind bars?

Sugar (street name: stardust, snow, crack, fairy dust, rock.. just kidding) gets you hooked through invoking in a feeling of euphoria triggered by dopamine, the pleasure-inducing chemical in our brain, according to Psychology Today.

Interestingly enough, the legal white powder, sugar, is causing more deaths in our population than the illegal substance, drugs.

sugar addiction

Dr. Lustig, who has conducted the toxic effects of sugar findings, has said 75% of diseases Americans face are preventable simply by improving our diets. And with every high comes a low.

Dr. Charles Raison, CNN’s mental health expert stated, “While processed sugars may produce a brief emotional high, several lines of evidence indicate that they affect our biology in ways that promote depression. For example, rates of depression in a country rise in lockstep with per capita sugar consumption.


Sugars- which are found in all sorts of processed foods we don’t typically think of as sweet- promote obesity, and obesity is a very powerful risk factor for the later development of depression.”

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