After No Deodorant For A Year – Something Very Curious Happened To Her Body

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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Using deodorant and shaving are hallmarks of hygiene, but are they really necessary ? As we’ve mentioned before, long term deodorant and antiperspirant use can actually make you smell worse in the long run.


That’s because the products are known to alter the bacteria that live on the skin of your pits. They kill some of the beneficial bacteria that prevent foul odors, while also allowing smelly bacteria to thrive (1).

Other factors, like stress, medication, toxic overload, and undereating can contribute to body odor.


How To Stop Using Deodorant

Alyse Brautigam, a 22-year old YouTuber from Hawaii, insists that by following a raw vegan diet and reducing her stress levels, she’s managed to reverse her body odor without using deodorant or shaving her armpits.

Initially, she stopped using deodorant after hearing about the association between the product and breast cancer. Around the same time, she also decided to grow out her armpit hair.

She argues that while she’s received a lot of backlash for her hairy pits, many people in the world, including men, leave their natural hair on their armpits without being smelly.

Plus, the young woman insists that she showers daily and does have to rinse off her armpits every once in a while when her pheromones are stronger than usual. She also uses a natural deodorant on occasion during long trips.

In another video, Alyse mentions that she found that eating the odd processed or spiced food actually makes her smell worse (2). Plus, letting her hair grow has brought her closer to her body and has freed up her time while also improving the health of her skin (3).

If you want to make the ditch the deodorant, start by making your own natural alternative to give your armpit bacteria a chance to readjust without bothering your colleagues or family members with the smell.


Over time, skip the deodorant on your days off and start using lime instead of deodorant every few days. Eventually, you can go cold turkey and keep the deodorant for special occasions

You can watch Alyse’s full video on hygiene below!

WHY I DON'T SHOWER... 🙈 #smelly&proud