People whose mouths feel dry when sleeping at night need to know these 8 reasons

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Nowadays, people’s lives are very stressful. This stress can affect their quality of sleep, which affects their happiness. However, some people cannot even get a good night’s sleep. They frequently experience dry mouth when sleeping at night. This can be very distressing and it usually happens in the second half of the night. If this occurs frequently, it may be a sign of an illness. This symptom could be related to 8 factors.

1.Digestive problems

If you eat foods that irritate your stomach before going to bed, it can affect your gastrointestinal function. These foods will absorb your body’s water and also make your blood pressure rise. The amount of fat inside your body will increase. If you eat these foods before going to bed, you will have a dry mouth when you fall asleep and the food is still digesting inside your body while also absorbing water.

2.Liver disease

The liver detoxifies the body. When the liver is damaged, toxins and waste can’t be expelled from the body quickly enough, and this can have harmful effects. If you have a dry mouth at night when you sleep, it may be a sign that your liver is inflamed due damage. When the problem doesn’t go away after a while, seek medical attention and have your liver checked.



If you don’t drink enough water, your body will become dehydrated. You lose water when you sleep as you breathe, and as your body functions. When you sleep, all of your bodily processes need water. If your body doesn’t have enough water, your mouth will be dry. It’s important to drink more water regularly.

4.Oral diseases

If you have periodontitis, gingivitis, or gum disease, there will be a lot of bacteria and viruses in your mouth. If your mouth is not sufficiently clean, the bacteria and viruses will continue to reproduce and grow. This can lead to inflammation and a dry mouth at night.


Many diabetic patients find they have a dry mouth and bitter taste in their mouths at night. This happens because the sugar in their blood rises and keeps building up. Then the kidneys and liver metabolize the sugar, which causes faster water loss. This makes the mouth dry when you’re sleeping.

6.Bile reflux

When the liver function decreases, it will affect the secretion of bile. This will cause bile reflux, which will lead to problems such as poor spleen and stomach function and indigestion. When bile reflux occurs, you may have a dry mouth at night and your quality of sleep may be affected.


If you get cold, you can get a fever. When your body is hot, you lose water and have a dry mouth at night. You may feel a burning sensation in your mouth. You can relieve these symptoms by cooling down your body or taking medication.


Hyperthyroidism causes the body’s metabolism to speed up and the sympathetic nerves become more excited, which makes the dryness of the mouth more obvious.


One of these reasons may be why you feel dry mouth at night. If it is related to poor dietary habits, you’ll need to adjust and maintain oral hygiene. If it is caused by a disease, then consult your doctor for an examination and treatment as soon as possible.