Painless Trick To Remove Stubborn Splinters In Your Skin Using Only a Bottle

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

splinter removal

painless-trick-to-remove-stubborn-splinters-in-your-skin-using-only-a-bottleThere’s nothing quite like a stubborn splinter to ruin your day.

The smaller they are, the harder they are to get out, especially if you can’t to get to them with a pair tweezers or tape.

And while many people will let the splinter rest and wait for their body to push it out, there is a quick and easy way to get rid of annoying little splinters painlessly.


Foolproof Splinter Removal

You may have heard that placing a warm towel over your splinter can help, but this trick works in a fraction of the time!

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • A glass or plastic bottle*

* A glass works well if you have a splinter on a large surface like your palm, but a plastic bottle works better for smaller areas, like a finger. Whatever receptacle you use, make sure that the surface of your skin completely covers the opening of the container.


  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Fill the bottle or glass with hot water almost to the rim and firmly place the area where your splinter lies over the opening. Let the pressure and steam pull the splinter out.
  3. Once the splinter comes out a little, use tweezers to pull out the remainder.

How does it work?

Placing your skin against the opening of the bottle of hot water creates a vacuum that sucks the splinter out. This happens because the water cools as the steam rises, but this steam makes your skin warm. This difference in temperature creates a powerful suction. The steam also opens your pores to loosen your skin’s grip on the splinter.

And there you have it! This hundred-year-old-trick could save you from a mild infection or a trip to the clinic.


Just remember to add a thin coat of coconut oil or a homemade antibiotic to keep your wound clean after the procedure.