Why Oregano Oil Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

oregano oil

oregano oilEvery living thing on Earth is part of the proverbial food chain. Animals eat plants, plants eat plants, plants eat animals, animals eat animals. It all works together in the cycle of life and death.

Bacteria are the most plentiful organism on the planet. In 1998, scientists at the University of Georgia actually sat down to figure out how many there are: five million trillion trillion—a 5 with 30 zeroes.

Lead researcher William B. Whitman concluded, “It had been estimated before that one-half of the living protoplasm on Earth is microbial, but our new figures indicate that this estimate is probably much too conservative.”(1) No kidding.

This research helps to put things in perspective: as the most abundant inhabitant, bacteria form the foundation for all other life.

Pretty Humbling and Deserving of Respect.

As with every other species, bacteria need to eat. Fifty percent of the human body is composed of bacteria.(2)

Those that happily live within us serve to destroy invaders and are an integral part of the body’s metabolism.

Crisis occurs, however, when harmful bacteria enter us and our little single-cell friends can’t efficiently get rid of them.

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Enter Big Pharma

For thousands of years, humans—as do other animals—employed ingredients found in nature to cure their ills. Various roots, herbs, spices, and basic therapies helped them to heal and rid their bodies of toxins and relieve pain.

Modern science has tried to create better ways in the form of drugs and surgery, often with unexpected, detrimental, or ineffective results (2).

While an herb can’t set a broken bone, some are far superior in treating common ailments than laboratory chemicals.