10 Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies That’s Draining You of Your Energy

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

vitamin mineral deficiency fatigue

Have you noticed how fatigue interrupts your life and makes you feel weak? Have you noticed how it lowers the quality of your life by decreasing your passion for your daily activities?


Fatigue can progress to the point where an individual is totally incapacitated, such as in chronic fatigue syndrome. That’s why it’s so important to determine the cause of fatigue, and then remedy the situation.

Fatigue may accompany many different health conditions, which is why it’s so difficult to pinpoint in many cases. You’ll find fatigue as a symptom that occurs in anemia, colds and flu, any infection, and in any major organ condition, such as heart disease, lung disease and liver disease. Fatigue also shows up when people lose weight, are bored, and experience great amounts of emotional stress.

Fatigue is often due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Here’s a list of some of them:


1. Vitamin D Deficiency

Besides immune system problems, a vitamin D deficiency is now linked with muscle fatigue and aches and pains.

2. Iron Deficiency

An iron deficiency causes anemia, which always results in fatigue. The red blood cells shrink when there’s an iron deficiency and lose their power to give you oxygen.

3. Copper Deficiency

A copper deficiency causes anemia, which always results in fatigue.


4. Magnesium Deficiency

Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause fatigue that won’t be helped by anything other than the magnesium. This deficiency is quite common.

5. Vitamin B Complex Deficiency

B vitamin deficiencies are notorious for their influence on energy levels in the body. That’s because many B vitamins are cofactors necessary for the proper breakdown of food into energy. The B vitamins include vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12, choline, inositol, folic acid and biotin. Check to insure all of them are in your B complex vitamins.

6. Vitamin C Deficiency

It’s not often we hear of someone who has a vitamin C deficiency, yet it’s there, especially in cancer patients. Several years ago, I interviewed Neil Riordan who had a clinic for cancer patients in Arizona.


Upon testing every cancer patient, he found that all of them had such a deficiency of vitamin C that it took over 20 days of vitamin C IVs to restore their levels.

7. CoQ 10 Deficiency

Statin drugs are only one of dozens of drugs that induce a CoQ10 deficiency, which zaps your energy. It’s difficult to get enough CoQ10 in your diet to make up the difference unless you take a supplement. CoQ10 is not officially called a nutrient but has many functions in the body.

8. Zinc Deficiency

A zinc deficiency always causes fatigue since this mineral is associated with the activity of over 300 different enzymes in the body. Without it, all the enzymes suffer – and so does your metabolism.


9. Vitamin E Deficiency

Although uncommon in the U.S., this deficiency may cause fatigue.

10. Potassium Deficiency

Without enough potassium, you’ll feel irritable, have weak muscles and feel fatigue.

To avoid fatigue caused by any of these deficiencies make sure you eat a variety of veggies and fruits. There’s a reason why most people who add a green smoothie to their diet often experience a sudden boost in energy. It’s not the extra calories in the drink itself that give them energy, it’s the minerals and vitamins!