17 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar and Prevent Spikes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

normal blood sugar levels

16. Lose Excess Weight

Carrying excess body fat makes it harder for your body to use the insulin produced by your pancreas (30). Over time, this leads to insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. Weight loss, even just a few pounds or a few body fat percentage points, will improve blood glucose levels almost immediately.

17. Exercise Regularly


Exercise causes muscles to absorb and utilize glucose for energy, reducing blood sugar levels (31). Over time, working out increases insulin sensitivity, which not only helps prevent hyperglycemia but also type 2 diabetes. You should aim to engage in moderate- or high-intensity exercise several times per week, in addition to walking for up to 30 minutes after your meals daily.

The best part of every item in the above list is that none of them are particularly difficult, especially when making more than one change. Reducing carbohydrate intake, eating regularly, consuming high-fiber foods, and walking and exercising regularly will all lead to a better body composition. Having a healthy body composition reduces the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Try making one or two small changes at first, and incorporate more of these tips over time. If you have a pre-existing medical issue, consult your physician before making drastic changes to your diet and/or lifestyle. Remember: you only get one body and one life, so take care of the former so you can enjoy the latter!