9 Exercises to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

neck and shoulder pain
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Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Lifestyle in the modern world leads to stresses on the body that our ancestors and other cultures don’t experience. These contemporary circumstances require cognizance and diligence to avoid the undue strain they cause.

1. Tech Neck (forward head posture)

You know what this is: looking at a radiant screen for many hours each day puts our bodies in an unnatural position.


Working at a computer, looking down at a smartphone or tablet, watching television and gaming (and usually while sitting) makes up almost 70% of the typical American adult’s waking life. (1)

How we sit is often not ergonomic; the tendency is to lean the head forward to engage in these activities.

This posture stretches neck extensors, weakens neck flexors, and adds 60 pounds of pressure to the neck and upper back. According to the University Health Service at the University of Michigan:

“These practices can lead to cumulative trauma disorders or repetitive stress injuries, which create a life-long impact on health. Symptoms may include pain, muscle fatigue, loss of sensation, tingling and reduced performance.” (2)