4 Natural Ways to Protect Your Liver From Prescription Drug Damage

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

protect liver

Your liver carries a great deal of responsibility in your body, most having to do with filtering the blood to process the good (nutrients) and eliminate the bad (toxins).

It also produces proteins for blood clotting and bile for digesting food. It’s a very hardy organ, but it can take quite a beating from pharmaceuticals.

While a particular drug may alleviate symptoms of something else going on in the body, the chemicals inevitably make their way through the liver and over time, damage is likely to occur.

The best way to help your liver is to stop taking prescription drugs. If that’s not possible, there are ingredients you can supplement in your diet that will help to cleanse your liver and keep it functioning at its best.

1. Fiber

dietary fiber

Eating dietary fiber is like swallowing a robotic vacuum cleaner: it works its way through your body, collecting the dust and grunge that hangs around, cleaning the digestive system, until you empty it when it’s full.

Included in the grunge are toxins and bile that would be reabsorbed by the intestines if they didn’t get swept out.  When the fiber scoops up bile acids, the liver produces more and it uses low-density lipoprotein (LDL, the less desirous) cholesterol to do that.

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This is one of the reasons that LDL exists in your body and why healthy liver function is vital: the liver is a primary consumer of LDL in your blood.