Ancient Japanese Natural Stress Relief

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

natural stress relief

Stress is part of everyday life. Getting the kids off to school, meeting a project deadline at work, taking an exam at school, having an argument with a loved one—these are things everyone experiences and are usually manageable. Stress levels vary from person to person but chronic stress is hazardous to anyone’s health. That’s why stress relief is so important.

Chronic stress affects literally every cell in your body and can lead to serious illness. Regularly alleviating stress is critical for health and living at your best. The physical benefits of stress relief run very deep.

Exercise, listening to music or playing an instrument, spending time in nature, yoga, gardening, massage, a hot bath, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a quiet cup of tea are all simple ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

All Natural Relief

Natural stress relief is always preferable to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or smoking because it promotes well-being rather than further compromising it.

There are pressure points in the hand that, when massaged, release tension and stress and relieve pain (1). This is the core concept of acupressure, reflexology, and massage.

In ancient Japanese tradition, the energy of stress in its many forms can be accessed through the hand. Each finger corresponds to an emotion. The following self-relaxation reflexology technique addresses these negative energies one at a time, releasing them from the body and mind.

It can be done anywhere at any time, as many times as you like.

  • Thumb: reduce worry and anxiety
  • Index: overcome fear
  • Middle: control anger and frustration
  • Ring: relieve sadness and depression
  • Pinky: stimulate self-esteem and general outlook

Natural Stress Relief Through Japanese Hand Self-massage

Here’s how to how to naturally reduce stress by simply using your hands.