Lower Your Cancer Risk With These Herbs and Super-Foods

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Chocoloate Superfood


Garlic has exceptional antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it a powerhouse in the fight against stomach cancer. The very same compounds in garlic that lead to stinky breath post-Italian dinner are what make it work – killing cancer cells, helping to repair DNA, and stopping carcinogens in their tracks. Just make sure you stick to whole cloves, and not supplements.


Red Clover

In addition to soothing the effects of menopause and stopping symptoms of TB, this herb can help stop the formation of tumors before it starts. Red Clover is available in the form of a number of supplements, and is used around the world to ward off tumor growth.

Dark Chocolate

That’s right – dessert may be good for you. The flavonoids – a type of antioxidant – found in chocolate help to fight off free radicals, reducing the DNA and cell damage that can often lead to the beginning of tumor formation. Be sure to stick to high-quality, high-cacao content dark chocolate, and avoid the fat and sugar content of milk chocolates.


Sunflower Seeds

These salty morsels are a great way to get a protein-filled, savory snack on the go – and they’re also rich in selenium. This mineral is one of the only compounds that clinical trials have found, again and again, to be truly effective in fighting cancer, so consider packing some sunflower seeds for a midday snack tomorrow.


While this interesting fruit features in Greek myths related to the underworld, in the present day it’s more likely to keep you alive for a good long while. Pomegranates are rich in Vitamin C and pyochemicals, and preliminary research shows that they’re especially good at fighting prostate cancer.


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