Robert Kennedy Jr. Leads Lawsuit To Sue Monsanto For Cancer-Causing Roundup Weed Killer

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

In the two years since the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup a “probable human carcinogen,” the controversy continues (1).

In fact, the San Jose Mercury-News reports that 40 California residents are joining the 800+ cancer patients that allege that the uses of Roundup directly caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The lawsuit also alleges that the plaintiffs were not aware of the cancer risk associated with the chemical before using the product.

Kennedy Jr. Leads Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Robert Kennedy, Jr., a famed environmental lawyer and vaccine activist was first to break the news. He spoke at the Revolution for Truth rally on the last day of March this year (2).


The News report explains that the plaintiffs filed a complaint in Alameda County Superior Court to seek compensatory and punitive damages from Monsanto and Willbur Ellis LLC, international marketer and distributor of agricultural products. More specifically, they’re seeking damages for wrongful death and personal injuries resulting from exposure to the weed killer.

Furthermore, the claim alleges that Monsanto produced false data and misleading research undermining the dangers of glyphosate. They may have even been involved in lobbying and campaigning to mislead the population about the risks Roundup and other agricultural products.

What’s more, it’s been brought to light that a former senior EPA employee worked with the company to suppress further research on the potentially damaging effects of glyphosate (3). As it turns out, Monsanto has been working with the EPA for years to stamp out independent glyphosate research. In fact, the medical community has known for over 35 years that glyphosate can cause cancer.

“Monsanto’s newly released documents expose a culture corrupt enough to shock the company’s most jaded critics,” said Kennedy, Jr to the Mercury Report.“Those papers show sociopathic company officials ghostwriting scientific studies to conceal Roundup’s risks from Monsanto’s regulators and customers, including food consumers, farmers, and the public. One wonders about the perverse morality that incentivizes executives to lie so easily and to put profits before human life. All humanity will benefit when a jury sees this scheme and gives this behemoth a new set of incentives.”

And we’re supposed to think that Monsanto has our best interest in mind?

The lymphoma lawsuit continues to push forward, so it remains to be seen if Monsanto will actually be held accountable for its crimes against humanity. Until then, stay away from Roundup and other Monsanto products.


For more info on the lawsuit, check out the full article by clicking on this link.