Juicing Recipes For That Irritating Sore Throat

by DailyHealthPost

Many of the foods in your local supermarket could actually be better at helping an irritating sore throat than over the counter medication, especially when turned into a healthy, immune building freshly pressed juice.

Vegetables & Herbs that could relieve your sore throat

Ginger root – Ginger has shown to be very useful in the treatment of sore throats. In a study published in the journal Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice back in 2010, it showed that ginger root alongside several other herbs, lowered the incidence of acute tonsillitis due to chronic tonsillitis in all 7 patients who were followed up after the research study had finished.

Also, for some participants who had planned to have a tonsillectomy, it was avoided. None of the participants who took part suffered any adverse reactions either, which is more than can be said for some conventional treatments prescribed by doctors for a sore throat.

Celery & Green Pepper – Sometimes inflammation may be present when having a sore throat, for instance if you have pharyngitis that is causing your sore throat. Inflammation is a healthy response to many health problems as it alerts us something is wrong and without out it we not have a clue what is going on below the skin. But sometimes this inflammation response can go wrong, and can lead to some serious physical and mental problems if ignored.

A study carried out by Researchers at the University of Illinois found that a flavonoid compound called ‘luteolin’ that is found in both celery and green pepper can reduce the inflammatory response. So this really could make a welcome relief to those experiencing inflammation alongside a sore throat.

Fruits & Vegetables in General Can Help a Sore Throat

When we are sick, people often tell us to consume fruits and vegetables to try to get better, no matter the illness. Well it is more than just an old wives tale as a study in the Journal of Nutrition found that the participants who took fruit and vegetables in the form of an encapsulated powder concentrate from a fruit and vegetable juice blend concluded that the participants in this group had stronger immune systems at the end of the study, and suffered from less sore throats and other illnesses.

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