Improve Your Pushup Form With This Video

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

improve pushup form

Pushups are an integral part of most bodyweight workouts (including the 7 Minute Circuit workout that’s been trending this week), but they’re one of the hardest exercises to do well.

This video is great for both beginners who can’t do a full pushup to those simply looking to improve their form and get the most out of this basic exercise.

Why Pushups Are So Awesome

Pushups feature in just about every bodyweight circuit that you can find. Partly, it’s because you can do them just about anywhere: all you need is yourself and a clear stretch of floor with a little bit of elbow room.


improve pushup form

Pushups also engage nearly every muscle in the body. While the triceps and pectoral muscles are the focus of the pushup, proper form also engages the abdominals, the back and shoulders, and even the muscles in the feet. And because you’re pushing against a hard surface, pushups are also a good bone strengthening exercise.

Doing the Perfect Pushup

There are countless variations of the pushup, from easier varieties on the knees or on an incline to harder types like diamond and plyometric pushups. But all of these varieties focus on a core form to work their magic. The perfect pushup looks something like this:

  • Start in a plank position, with the hands slightly more than shoulder width apart and the toes braced against the floor. Your core muscles should be tight so that your back and hips are totally flat.
  • Look straight ahead and start to lower your body down, keeping your shoulders back and your elbows tucked in as you do so. Make sure not to let your back arch!
  • Push yourself back up, maintaining the same body position. It’s easiest to do so on an exhale. Keep your core tight the whole time!

Ready to get started on the perfect pushup? Check out this video to learn how to tweak your form to greatness, and build up strength for pushups if you find that you’re struggling to do them correctly.

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