How to Recognize a Heart Attack One Month Before it Happens

by DailyHealthPost

signs heart attack

how-to-recognize-a-heart-attack-one-month-before-it-happensEvery year, almost eight hundred thousand people in North America suffer a heart attack. Many survive but some do not, especially if they’ve had more than one.

A heart attack is most often indicative of coronary heart disease, which is a cumulative deterioration of the heart and circulatory system.

When arteries get clogged with plaque, undue pressure is put on the heart to process blood. As a muscle, the heart itself can become weakened and stop working properly.

A “heart attack” (myocardial infarction) can be caused by either coronary thrombosis (an arterial blood clot) or blocked blood supply to the heart.

The experience of a heart attack is different for everyone; there isn’t always sharp pain—sometimes it’s a general slow breakdown with mild symptoms.

Knowing the signs of a heart attack can help you to take steps to stave it off.


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