20 Natural Painkillers Hiding In Your Kitchen

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

natural painkillers

15. Yogurt for PMS

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) affects up to 80% of women due to the hormonal fluctuations women experience during their menstrual cycle.

Scientists at Columbia University found that women who consumed two cups of yogurt daily experienced up to a 48% reduction in symptoms.

Yogurt is naturally high in calcium, which helps calm the nervous system and reduce the symptoms associated with hormone fluctuations.


16. Grapes for backache

A recent study at Ohio State University found that backache subjects who ate a heaping cupful of grapes every day experienced symptom relief and faster healing of back injuries.

Grapes help relax tight blood vessels, improving blood flow to damaged back tissue within hours of ingestion.

17. Garlic for earaches

To cure ear infections and relieve the pain associated with them, rub two drops of warm garlic oil into the affected ear twice daily for up to five days.

Researchers at the University of Mexico School of Medicine found that this treatment clears up ear infections faster than prescription medication.