Food Is Medicine: 20 Natural Painkillers Inside Your Kitchen

by DailyHealthPost

natural painkillers

Believe it or not, you could have an entire kitchen full of natural painkillers.

Excluding junk food and most processed products, food IS medicine.

Read below to learn how you can live without NSAIDs, reflux medication, and treat/prevent common infections without expensive medications or side effects.

Here are 20 natural pain killers “hiding” in your kitchen.


1. Coffee for Migraines

Most migraine medication contains a small amount of anhydrous (powdered) caffeine.

But there are benefits to the regular liquid version: the National Headache foundation recommends chasing your OTC migraine medication with 12 ounces of very strong coffee. Why? Caffeine boosts absorption of medication in the stomach lining, increasing the effectiveness of your medication by 40% or more.

2. Honey for canker and cold sores

Honey has amazing antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to research performed at the Dubai Specialized Medical Center in the United Arab Emirates, unpasteurized honey heals cold sores and canker sores 43% faster than prescription creams. Apply a dab of honey four times daily at the onset of the sore.

3. Water for any injury

There’s a reason you’re put on a continuous IV during surgeries and hospital stays: water heals.

No matter what type of injury, inflammation, or illness you’re fighting, simply keeping yourself hydrated will make a big difference. Experts recommend eight 8-oz (or five 12-oz) glasses of water daily to kick-start the healing process.

Water helps keep the cartilage, discs, and lubricating fluids between your bones well-hydrated, ensuring your bones can move smoothly without pain. Water also helps dilute and flush out inflammatory compounds – such as histamines – that injury produces, lowering swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

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