20 Natural Painkillers Hiding In Your Kitchen

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

natural painkillers

3. Water for any injury

There’s a reason you’re put on a continuous IV during surgeries and hospital stays: water heals. No matter what type of injury, inflammation, or illness you’re fighting, simply keeping yourself hydrated will make a big difference. Experts recommend eight 8-oz (or five 12-oz) glasses of water daily to kick-start the healing process.

Water helps keep the cartilage, discs, and lubricating fluids between your bones well-hydrated, ensuring your bones can move smoothly without pain. Water also helps dilute and flush out inflammatory compounds – such as histamines – that injury produces, lowering swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

4. Horseradish for sinus problems

Horseradish is shown to increase blood flow to your sinus cavities, which will encourage drainage and open up your sinuses. It’s also more effective than decongestant sprays: German research scientists found that one teaspoon of horseradish twice daily (either alone or in food) heals sinus infections faster than decongestants.


5. Peppermint for muscle pain

Naturopathic Doctor Mark Stengler recommends soaking in warm water three times weekly with 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.

The combination of warm water and peppermint is shown to ease muscle cramps 25% more effectively than OTC pain killers and – best of all – reduce the frequency of pain flair ups.