The Simple Sock Trick That Can Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up Ever Again

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

foggy car windows

Winter mornings are difficult.

Whether it’s shoveling snow, warming up the car, or clearing ice from your windshield, cold weather adds a whole new set of challenges.

Part of the problem, even for people south of the snow belt, is foggy windows.


Socks vs. Foggy Car Windows

How do you deal with foggy windows?

Do you crack a window, lower the heat, or turn on the defroster?

If so, this trick will change your life.

When the outside of your car is warmer than the inside, the moist air in your car causes condensation on the inside of your windshield. The same thing occurs in the summer on a cool, rainy day (1).

This condensation also occurs on the outside of a cold glass of water on a warm day.

Foggy windows aren’t just annoying, they can really impair your line of vision and cause dangerous driving conditions.


The easiest way to get rid of this excess moisture is to place a sock full of kitty litter on your dashboard. You’ll have to replace the sock every season or so.

Kitty Litter Defogger

While you may gravitate towards clumping cat littler, it produces a bit of dust, so some people prefer using crystal cat litter.

However, if you can’t stand the smell of the crystal litter, collect silica packets from new shoes and other goods and line them on your dashboard. When the packets no longer work, heat them up in your oven to dry them out and reuse as needed!

Watch the video below to find out how to do it.

Best 3 Hacks - Foggy car windows fix

What You Need:

  • An old sock
  • Masking tape
  • Crystal cat litter

What To Do:

  1. Place your roll of tape inside your sock to widen the opening and make it easier to pour the kitty litter into.
  2. Fill the “foot” of the sock with litter.
  3. Tie off the ankle of your sock and flip the sock inside-out.
  4. Place the sock on your dashboard and use all winter long.