FDA Approves Frankenfish For Human Consumption And It’s Not Going To Be Labeled

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

gmo fish

As alarming as it may sound, genetically engineered salmon has now been officially approved by the FDA for human consumption.

AquaBounty Technologies has developed a way to produce salmon which require a fraction of the normal growing time to reach maturity.

Salmonid eggs are injected with a growth hormone gene to force the salmon to reach harvesting in less time than either wild caught or previously farmed varieties.


The FDA insists that these genetically modified salmon are perfectly safe for human consumption even though the fish have been injected with growth hormones.

They further stated that AquaBounty Technologies will not be required to label these salmon as GMOs; however this approval was only for one hatchery facility in Canada and one in Panama.

It is unclear at this point whether the salmon will be packaged as a product of the AquaBounty brand or not.

Genetically-modified salmon approved by FDA

Not Everyone Is Interested In Eating It…

As reported by TakePart,

“More than 1.8 million people filed public comments with the FDA asking for the fish not to be approved, and more than 60 retail chains, including Whole Foods and Target, representing some 9,000 grocery stores across the country, have said they will not sell GMO salmon…”

Nutritional Value Difference

gmo fish