Green Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Now Being Sold In The U.S.

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

cannabis Infused Wine

Wine never goes out of style. Whether it’s reinventing itself with different flavors, colors, packaging (champagne popsicles anyone?) and audiences (think of the recent “cat wine” phenomenon), wine is an irreplaceable part of popular culture. Most recently, a marijuana-infused green wine called Canna Vine has taken the world by storm.

Cannabis Infused Wine

Many cannabis enthusiasts are already used to enjoying the plant and drink together, and some wineries in California has successfully created and sold small batches. Canna Vine, however, is intended for the mass market. Made with high-end organically grown cannabis Indica and Sativa, the wine’s creators hopes it will create uplifting and relaxing sensations (1).

The manufacturing process involves around a pound of marijuana, which is wrapped in cheese cloth and added to a barrel of wine. It’s then left to ferment for nearly a year.


cannabis Infused WineOnce bottled and ready, the wine delivers a mellow “body high” without the “mental high” caused by THC, a potent cannabinoid. Canna Vine currently retails at 120-440$ for half a litter to Californian medical marijuana users. However, the wine producers hope to make it available in other states too, where it’s currently illegal to infuse cannabis in alcohol (2).

Until then, Lisa Molyneux and Louisa Sawyer Lindquist, the company owners, will continue to refine their product and uphold their high standards.

“Cannabis wine has been so effective as a stress reliever, as a mood elevator, and as a medicine,” Lindquist told the LA Times (3). “I have no idea what the market will be like for it, but whatever I make I want to be safe, made from pure ingredients and, hopefully, delicious.”

However, many doctors are concerned with the dangers of mixing marijuana and alcohol. Multiple studies are currently underway to find out if mixing the two is safe, and if so- in what quantities (4).

Marijuana Infused Wine?