Burn MORE Calories While You Sleep

by Brad Gouthro

You’ve probably heard losing weight is all about burning more calories than you eat. That is true, to a point. But what if I said you could actually burn more calories, even while you sleep? Interested? Good. Remember the TV show Seinfeld? Of course you do. It was known for being the show about nothing.

However, there was one episode that was about something. This episode highlighted one of the best workout tips to fast track your body to living the lean lifestyle. And when I say, “living the lean lifestyle”, I simply mean you maintain a lean physique, 365 days a year. No yo-yoing. You look fine all year round!

Even though this term was never used in the episode, it was in full effect. I’m talking about the Afterburn Effect. The Afterburn Effect was the theme of episode #105, otherwise known as “The Jimmy” episode. It’s the one where George has a really intense workout before an important company meeting (about stealing).


Due to the intense workout, even after showering, George can’t stop sweating. His employer gets suspicious of all his “nervous perspiration” and accuses George of being the company thief.

Obviously this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but what George was experiencing was the Afterburn Effect. During an intense workout, the afterburn effect is ignited, which can help you burn more calories, up to 48 hours, after your workout is completed. That’s right, you’ll be burning more calories, even when you sleep.

The high caloric burn is caused by your body’s need to rebuild and recover after intense exercise. So does this mean you’ll be a sweaty mess at work, like George was, after completing afterburn effect style workouts? No. TV blows most things out of proportion. I’m sure a shower will solve that problem.


You will be burning MORE calories…MORE effectively for up to 48 hours after your workout. That’s one of my keys to living lean all year round.

So now that I’ve had a little fun by explaining the Afterburn Effect in “Seinfeld” terms, let me try to explain it in a more science meets “weekend gym warrior” terms.