Best 4 Exercises You Can Do Every Day To Flatten Your Lower Belly

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

flatten lower belly

best-4-exercises-you-can-do-every-day-to-flatten-your-lower-bellyThe ultimate fitness goal of most men and women is to get a flat tummy with 6-pack abs.

It’s also one of the hardest goals to achieve, as belly fat sticks around long after your arms and thighs have slimmed down, especially the fat on your lower tummy.

If your tummy has a bit of bulge that just won’t go away, give these 4 simple exercises a try! You don’t even have to go the gym to get a great ab workout!

Best Exercises to Flatten Your Lower Belly | Natalie Jill

1. Leg Circles

Lie comfortably on the floor, keeping your lower back flat on the ground. If your back is too arched, you may end up with a pulled muscle or other injuries. Your head should also touch the ground, with your neck and shoulders relaxed and your gaze firmly set on the ceiling above you.

Keep your arms alongside your body and gently lift your legs at a 45° angle off the ground. Slowly spread your legs as you bring them closer to the ground. When you’re a few inches from the floor, reduce the distance between your legs and bring them back up to your starting position. You should feel your lower abs engaging throughout the exercise. To make the move more challenging, make smaller circles closer to the ground.

2. V Hold

Start with your back flat on the floor and your arms to your side. Keep your legs at hip’s width apart and slowly lift them to a 45° angle from the ground. Hold the position for as long as you can, making sure not to arch your back or to keep any tension in your shoulders or neck.

If you prefer, prop yourself up on your forearms, keeping your shoulder straight and your hands, arms, and elbows firmly on the ground. To make it a bit easier, lift your legs higher in the air.

3. Leg Hold Ups

Begin in the same position as exercise number two but lift your legs up and bring them down. To be effective, the movement should be controlled and slow.

4. Flutter Kicks

Lie on the floor and lift yourself up onto your forearms. Keep your arms firmly against your body, with your hands spread wide for more support. Lift your legs a few inches off the ground and criss-cross your feet by lifting your left leg above your right leg and bringing it towards your right side as your right leg goes towards the left. Alternate which leg goes above the other and keep them as close to the ground as possible. As you exercise, tighten your belly to keep your lower back flat and straight.