8 Medically-Based Reasons to Consume Coconut Oil Every Day (No. 1 Boosts Good Cholesterol Levels)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

coconut oil

Coconut oil has until recently been considered a bad thing to include in your diet because of its saturated fat content.

However, times have changed and the latest research and school of thought tends to view the addition of coconut oil to the average balanced daily diet as quite desirable.

In fact, once seen as unhealthy, the oil from coconuts is now one of the hottest thing on the shelves in health food stores around the world and believed by many to be not only healthy, but a true superfood.


If you are wondering about the health benefits attributed to coconut oil, you might appreciate these 8 medically based reasons to consume coconut oil every day.

Eating Coconut Oil

#1 Coconut Oil Boosts Good HDL Cholesterol Levels

Although coconut oil contains a lot of fat, studies have shown that it actually increases “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

Any sort of healthy fat in your diet will nudge your HDL cholesterol levels up a bit, but coconut oil has been shown to raise these levels significantly.

Why is this a good thing? A higher HDL cholesterol level will be helpful in keeping bad LDL cholesterol from building up and blocking your arteries.

Blockage of the arteries from an accumulation of LDL cholesterol is a large contributor to heart disease, so having more good HDL cholesterol to help fight the effects of bad cholesterol can play a part in keeping you heart healthy.