8 Incredible Benefits Beetroots Can Offer You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Remember being told you eat your beetroot at the Sunday dinner table every time you went to have dinner at your grandma’s house as a child? You probably didn’t like it at first but gradually came to enjoy it. And that’s good because this purple vegetable is really good for your body.

If you truly want to obtain maximum health benefits then start out with the raw variety rather than cooked and picked varieties as it is this type that gives you flexibility in the kitchen.

1. Anemia Remedy

Beetroot is naturally rich in iron, which when is found in low supply, can cause anemia and low red blood cell count in the body.


Beetroots can also help the body absorb iron better, which helps to promote better blood circulation and the capacity of oxygen that the red blood cells can carry.

2. May Help with Cancer Prevention

Betacyanin, the compound found within beetroots that gives beetroot its dark red pigmentation, has been linked to reducing cancerous tumors and precancerous lesions.

Betanin, another cancer fighting compound found within beets, has found to be effective in treating both liver and skin tumors[1].