8 Incredible Benefits Beetroots Can Offer You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


3. Increase Heart Health

Prevention is the only cure, and consuming beetroots on a regular basis can help to prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems as they have the ability to lower blood pressure and therefore help to stop hypertension from developing.


4. Boost Digestion & Weight Loss

Beetroots have been found to improve a poor digestive system by stimulating the nerves in your intestines as well as improving your body’s ability to digest food, especially fats taken in, particularly those of the fatty variety.

Plus, beetroots are high in fibre and fibre is what helps to make you feel fuller for longer, helping you to avoid over eating and pile on unnecessary pounds.


2014-04-15-8-incredible-benefits-beetroots-can-offer-you-juice5. Improve Pregnancy Health

Beetroot contains folic acid, in the most natural and absorbable form ‘folate’ and this is critical to mums to be, as a deficiency in this vitamin can cause a permanent defect in the baby’s spinal cord.

6. Halt the Aging Process

Free radicals can cause cellular damage, DNA damage and are what causes premature aging.

But the antioxidants and phenolic compounds found within beetroot can help to prevent this damage.


On top of this, beetroot contains anti-inflammatory properties that can also slow down the signs of aging naturally and prevent age-related diseases.