5 Wild Salmon Recipes for Brain Health

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

3. Salmon Club Sandwiches

salmon-club-avocado_recipe_2013_06_29This spin on the traditional club sandwich is great for picnics or a healthy office lunch. First, sauté your fillet of salmon in a skillet until just cooked, and set aside while you prepare the rest.

Instead of mayo, you’ll be using a delicious avocado “butter” – a blend of avocado, lemon, oregano, and salt that is packed with healthy monounsaturated fats. Layer the spread arugula and your cooked salmon in a triple-decker sandwich (this recipe calls for pumpernickel bread, but pick your favorite), and voila! More details here.

4. Salmon and Brie Breakfast Strata

salmon-brie-strata_recipe_2013_06_29Who says fish isn’t for breakfast? If you think lox is the only acceptable way to eat salmon for breakfast or brunch, get ready to change your mind.


This dish combines salmon, brie, eggs, and cubed bread, refrigerated overnight and baked to delectable goodness when you get up in the morning.

This recipe calls for smoked salmon, specifically, but we think it would be just as good with your basic wild fillet. Check out this recipe to learn how to make salmon and brie breakfast strata for yourself.