5 Surprising Reasons Why Experts Recommend Eating This Everyday

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Avocados are a miracle superfood, but they used to have a bad reputation.

Very few American household keep them stocked and often times, you only find them in guacamole or dips.

It might be a fatty fruit—but don’t fall into the generic trap of thinking that fat is “bad.”

It turns out that research is proving Avocados are a nutrient-rich food that protects your body from inflammation, reduces your risk for cancer, helps your heart, and promotes weight loss.

Check out the five reasons an avocado a day might actually help keep the doctor away!

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how to tell if avocado is ripe

1. Avocados Lower Inflammation

The first reason you need to start eating more avocado: they prevent extreme inflammatory responses. Adding avocados to your diet keeps inflammation in check, even when you eat them with something like red meat—a well-known inflammation spiking food.

Research published in the academic journal Food & Function demonstrates that eating a plain hamburger results in as much as a 70% rise in IL6—a cytokine that promotes an inflammatory response[1].

Adding an avocado to the same burger can reduce inflammation significantly. The study determined that IL6 levels when eating a burger with avocado were reduced by 40%. As a result, there was a 30% decrease in food-based inflammation just by adding avocado.