5 Surprising Reasons Why Experts Recommend Eating This Everyday

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


4. Helps You Lose Weight

According to another recent research study, avocados are “nutrient dense with properties that may favorably impact energy balance[4].”

The study determined that adding one half of an avocado to a lunch time meal had a favorable impact on weight loss.

The key to the avocado’s effectiveness as a weight loss tool is not that it is exceptionally healthy or nutrient dense. It is the feeling of “fullness”—something researchers call satiety that provides a filling benefit. Avocados help you feel full so that you eat less food.


5. High Amounts of Healthy Fats

Avocados are one of the purest, safest foods you can eat.

Despite the reputation they sometimes receive because of high fat levels, researchers consistently indicate that avocados are an important, health-boosting food that you should eat multiple times each week[5].

They are an excellent addition to any meal. Don’t be afraid of their fat content. It’s monosaturated fat, a fat that is one of the “healthy” varieties.

As the research we linked indicated, high levels of monosaturated fat in avocados help your body absorb nutrients better.