5 Surprising Reasons Why Experts Recommend Eating This Fruit Every Day

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


2. They Reduce Cancer Risk

Eating avocados prevents cancer.

A prostate cancer study in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry determined that avocados contained important bioactive carotenoids that fight cancer cells.

The study found that because avocados have a unique combination of cancer-fighting agents and monosaturated fat, the compounds were more likely to be absorbed by the blood stream[2].


It turns out that having a high fat content is actually good in avocados.

A higher level of fat helps your body better absorb important cancer fighting nutrients.

3. Heart Health

Natural sources of vitamin E and monosaturated fatty acids are proven components of diets that reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol.

Avocados provide an excellent source of vitamin E and monosaturated fats.

Recent studies, including one published in the peer reviewed Critical Review of Food Science Nutrition determined that eight current preliminary clinical studies of avocado consumption are leading researchers to conclude that avocados support heart health[3].