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by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Looking for homemade makeup remover? “Why bother making your own make up remover creams and oils?”

Simply put many of the current make up removers on the market, unless natural and certified organic, contain ingredients that can actually age the delicate eye area like alpha hydroxy acid.

Some other toxic ingredients are also known carcinogens (which means they can cause cancer), like polyethylene glycol, eteareth and all of the different types of parabens.


The following recipes are easy to make, and pretty inexpensive too. Just remember to store them well and you should get many months’ worth of use out of them!

homemade makeup remover


homemade makeup remover recipes toxins free 1

#1 ==>Eye Make Up Remover<==


#2 ==>2-Ingredient Make-Up Remover<==


#3 ==>Olive Oil Based Make Up Remover<==



#4 ==>Aloe Vera Based Make Up Remover<==


#5 ==>Coconut Oil Based Make Up Remover Wipes<==

We are a huge fan of the coconut oil based recipe here, but would love to know which you find the best and most effective to remove your type of make up. Feel free to leave a comment below!