14 Ways To Binge Proof Your Home

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

#6 Use Your Tupperware

Pre-portion servings of your favorite snacks into individual containers. If you only bring one portion of pretzels to the couch, you won’t be able to eat the whole bag before you realize what you’re doing.

#7 Have Dishes of Many Colors

Research has shown that having a low color contrast between food and plate can result in overserving, and thus, larger portions. Consider investing in a variety of dish colors, and choose the ones that contrast most highly with the meal you’re eating.

#8 Crank Up the Heat

Researchers have found that people tend to overeat when they’re in cooler environments. Keep your home at a warmer temperature (or throw on a sweater before dinner) to cut down on binge risk.


#9 Put Food Away

Leaving food out on the counter, on the table, or on top of the fridge may be making you hungrier. Seeing food – even images of food – can initiate a hunger response, causing you to snack even if you’re not really hungry. Keep food closed away in cupboards, the pantry, or the fridge.

#10 Consider Your Colors

Overeating is often linked with stress, and room decor can have a big influence on how relaxed you feel at home. Trade reds, oranges, and yellows (which can result in heightened arousal) for more calming blues and greens.