10 Foods That Are Ruining Your Prostate Health

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

foods prostate health

One in six men will deal with prostate cancer in his life, so it’s important for guys to keep their prostate health at the forefront of their minds.

Unfortunately, you may not realize that your prostate health is being negatively affected by the foods you’re eating.

In this article, learn which foods you should be avoiding to maintain good prostate health.


1. Trans Fats

While many restaurants and companies have pledged to take trans fats off their menus and out of their products, these processed vegetable fats are still present in many pre-packaged foods, especially those containing hydrogenated oils. Make sure you read your labels carefully, since a 2004 study found a strong correlation between diets high in trans fats and a high risk of developing prostate cancer.

foods prostate health

2. Saturated Fat

Diets that contain a lot of saturated fat can increase the levels of testosterone in your body. While that may help you build muscle mass, it also builds prostate mass. This can cause prostate enlargement, as well as an increased risk of cancer.

3. Fries and Chips

The fat in fried food certainly isn’t good for you, but fried potatoes are especially bad. An amino acid found in large amounts in potatoes, called asparagines, is converted to acrylamide during the frying process. Animal studies have indicated that this compound is a likely carcinogen.

4. Dairy Products

It’s not so much the dairy itself as the calcium. Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute found that high calcium intake, whether through dairy or supplements, is linked to a heightened risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

5. Red Meat

Prostate cancer is more common in men who eat large amounts of red meat than those who stick to leaner protein or a vegetarian diet. In fact, doctors recommend avoiding red meat, especially, for men who currently have or have had prostate issues in the past.


6. Sugar

Because cancer cells can easily fuel themselves with sugar, it’s a good idea to cut some sweets out of your diet. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try replacing refined sugars with fruit, which will at least help you add important nutrients and antioxidants to your diet.

7. Flax Seed

While flax and its oils are normally a healthy source of Omega-3s, flax seed can actually worsen prostate cancer by spurring tumor growth. It’s unclear if a high level of flax consumption can cause prostate issues, but it may be wise to avoid it if you’ve dealt with poor prostate health in the past.

8. Refined Carbohydrates

Eating a lot of white flour won’t necessarily affect your prostate health on its own, but it likely means that you’re missing out on the chance to consume plenty of high-fiber whole grains. A fiber-rich diet can help reduce your prostate cancer risk by regulating your testosterone levels.

9. Caffeine 

Because they cause bladder irritation, coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages can worsen problems related to an enlarged prostate.

10. Alcohol

Like caffeine, alcohol stimulates urine production and irritates the urinary passages. Plus, when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re generally ingesting large amounts of liquid at once, which can put pressure on an already sensitive prostate.

What has your doctor said about prostate health? What steps are you taking to avoid prostate problems?