5 Surprising Things That Can Make You Gain Weight

Losing weight or even staying at your current healthy weight can be hard. But you might unintentionally be making it harder for yourself!

Read on for five surprising things that are likely disrupting your weight loss effort and even causing you to gain more weight.

#1 Not Getting Enough Sleep

A 2010 review of medical literature related to sleep deprivation and weight gain noted a number of studies that have linked too little or too much sleep with an increased risk of obesity.

The reasons for this relationship are many, but they range from metabolic disruption to increased insulin sensitivity to increased appetite due to the production of hormones like leptin and ghrelin.

#2 Being Stressed Out

Juggling a three-foot-long to-do list with work responsibilities, family life, social activities, and trying to remember to pay the bills on time can take a huge toll on your health overall.

Notably, being stressed tends to trigger the production of the hormones leptin and cortisol, which promote abdominal weight gain as well as hunger and food cravings.

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