What Did The Chicken On Your Plate Eat?

by DailyHealthPost

Many people are concerned about healthier eating and are actively trying to reduce the amount of red meat in their diet. Chicken can provide an excellent substitute as it is naturally lower in saturated fats.

However, disturbing new reports indicate that we should be more worried about what the chicken on our plates actually ate.

A new study by the John Hopkins Center investigated the effects of certain drugs and feeds can have on the meat on your plate.

The study was initially begun to study the effects of antibiotics, but since the additional tests for other chemicals would present no additional cost, the researchers decided to investigate the results.

The results were startling, since the tests revealed caffeine, anthihistamines, antidepressants, banned antibiotics and arsenic.

While the results have not documented any “immediate health concern” for consumers, according to co-author of the study Keeve E Nachman. It does highlight “how comfortable” consumers should feel about the chemicals fed to the animals which are destined for your dinner table.

It is quite common for chickens to be routinely fed chemicals such as small quantities of arsenic to improve the appearance of the meat.


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