1 Vitamin Stops Calcium Buildup in Arteries and Heart

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Did you know that vitamin K2 can prevent calcium buildup in the arteries? This is an important compound for our cardiovascular system. I’m going to talk about how it works, and then we’ll get into some great sources of this super-vitamin! Ready?


First off: There are two main kinds of vitamin K:

K1 which comes from green leafy vegetables like spinach and is important for blood clotting; and vitamin K2 found mostly in animal foods and fermented ones too. Many people don’t know about vitamin K2. It can prevent calcium buildup in the arteries and thus prevent clogging, helping to keep your heart healthy!

Let me first tell you some common foods where vitamin K2 is found.

If we look closely, there’s really nothing that can compare to a healthy diet. No supplements required!


Natto is a Japanese dish that is made from fermented soybeans. It is high in vitamin K2. Some other good food choices that are high in vitamin K2 are eel, many types of cheeses (raclette, gouda, Jarlsberg, edam are some examples), beef liver, grass-fed butter, dark meat like goose leg, sauerkraut and egg yolks – especially from pastured chickens.

You can get calcium from many different sources…

such as dark green leafy vegetables, dairy products, and almond milk. You don’t need to take a supplement unless your doctor tells you to.

What is important is vitamin D…

and the best way to get our vitamin D is from the sun. But sunlight can be dangerous if you’re exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation, or you may not be getting outside as much as you should. That’s why many people are deficient in vitamin D.


Without Vitamin D, our bones can’t absorb the calcium that they need to stay healthy. But it gets worse! If this calcium builds up in your blood vessels or heart and blocks your blood from delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues – you could have a stroke if the block is in your brain or heart attack if the block is to your heart.

Vitamin K2 reduces the amount of calcium that gets into your blood vessels and helps to keep your bones strong, which can prevent osteoporosis.

If you’re looking to supplement K2, here’s what you need to know.

There are two types of vitamin K2 supplements: MK4 and MK7. MK4 has a shorter half-life than MK7. This means that it doesn’t stay in your system as long as MK7 does. Additionally, MK4 gets into your system more quickly, but it doesn’t stick around as long.


Mk7 can be taken once daily. You may notice that the supplement label says you should take between 90 and 100 micrograms, and up to 200 micrograms can be taken if your want. Taking Mk7 with vitamin D is optional, although it is recommended because vitamin D plays an essential role in many chemical changes that occur throughout our body. When selecting a form of Vitamin D, choose D3 and not D2 as this is the one which will be most bioavailable to your body for optimal results .

=> See our recommended Vitamin D3+K2 supplement

However, there is nothing better than getting vitamin K2 from your food. It will make a big difference for you.


•Vitamin K2 is important for preventing calcium buildup in the arteries and clogging of the arteries.


• Vitamin K2 can be found in animal foods, fermented foods, and some cheeses.

• Natto, eel, beef liver, chicken, grass-fed butter, sauerkraut, egg yolks are all high in vitamin K2. 

• Vitamin D is also necessary for calcium absorption into bones. 


• You can supplement with MK4 or MK7 forms of vitamin K2, but whole foods are best.

Here’s an excellent video to help you learn more about vitamin K2, foods and benefits:

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