Unexpected Trick Helps You Perform Burpees With Less Pain

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

If you’re avoiding doing burpees because of some pain, then try this little trick to improve your form.

With this little adjustment in this part of the sequence, you can do these with less strain on your body and with better results.

Give it a try…


Don’t give up on burpees!


When performing (or attempting to perform) the burpee exercise, how you jump your feet in can make all the difference when it comes to finding rhythm and flow. Make your burpee less jarring by jumping the feet in and landing them outside the hands.

Jumping the feet in close together (as shown in the picture) only leads to frustration with burpees and a strained low back. And from a personal trainer and group fitness instructor’s perspective, that ultimately makes for messy reps and incomplete sets.

Note: The burpee is an advanced plyometric move that will strengthen your total body and condition your heart and lungs but could potentially lead to dizziness, vomiting, and in rare cases even death.

source: kickstandfitness