Top 8 Healthiest Foods to Eat To Lose Weight

by Bobby Sedlachek

#1 Liver

If there ever was a superfood, it would be liver. Ounce for ounce it contains far more nutrients than other foods. The only problem is that most people don’t want to eat it.  Yes, I know, organs are disgusting. But, once upon a time, these were the prized meat of the hunt.

At times of surplus in indigenous cultures, they would just eat the organs and fat and discard muscle. Organ meats are store houses of essential vitamins and minerals. Once considered a sacred food, it is now falling by the wayside in favor of cheeseburgers and breakfast cereals. Try a little pate to ease yourself in, and work your way up to a sautéed calf liver with onions.

#2 Healthy Fats

But isn’t fat terrible for us? Won’t it cause heart disease? I doubt it. For years we have been told to go low-fat and high-carb only to now discover this may be wrong. Not only wrong, but an inverse.


In fact it is all the simple carbohydrates that create all of the excess fat and health problems currently plaguing western society. As a result fat is making a comeback.

But we shouldn’t just be eating any fat. We’re going for quality here. So forget about vegetable spreads, canola oil, and all of those so-called healthy fats.

What you are looking for are the most natural fats you can come by. Grass-fed and pastured animal fats and dairy along with any natural, organic, unrefined oils will do the trick.

#3 Meat

And meat, of course we have to have meat on here. While not containing such high values of nutrients as ‘organ meat’, it still has a lot compared to other foods. It also has high amounts of protein, which is essential to our daily sustenance.

But again, like with the fat, we can do better than choosing conventionally made animal products. Sure, conventional meat will be good for you, but if you go grass-fed, pastured, and organic; it will be amazing for your health.

I’m aware of the argument that it costs too much to eat that kind of meat. The truth is, if you look around, you will find a supplier with reasonable prices. It will still cost a touch more, but that’s only natural since they feed the animals real food instead of cheap grain.


#4 Eggs

OK, after this one I promise I’ll stop talking about animal foods. But we can’t forget about eggs. They are one of the most nutritionally perfect foods on the planet.

Think about it, within an egg, all of the proteins and nutrients required to create a life are present. That’s powerful stuff. So it would only make sense that we can improve our nutrition greatly by consuming them.

Once again, and I can’t stress this enough, if you want superhuman results you need to get the best, go pastured on these. Organic is not good enough, cage-free means nothing, and natural at best means no drugs in the chickens diet.

When chickens go out to pasture they get to consume their natural foods and those yolks get way brighter as a result of high nutrient concentrations.