Top 8 Healthiest Foods to Eat To Lose Weight

by Bobby Sedlachek


#5 Vegetables

Vegetables are awesome. Some people may not like them, but most of us grow out of that, right?


We need these guys though. If animal foods provide all of the building blocks we need for life, vegetables provide the refinement. Think of them as the cleaners of our systems.

Number one, they have tons of fiber, and we need fiber to go through us and pull out all of the waste. Second, they are packing tons of antioxidants, which we use to fight free radicals and toxins from our bodies.

Vegetables also provide a ton of vitamins and minerals as well, to help back up what we’re getting from meat. Always go organic when possible. A major function of vegetables is to remove toxins from our bodies, not add more in the form of pesticides.


#6 Fruits

Next up are fruits. These little bright packages of energy just look like they’re good for you, don’t they? And they are, the deep pigmentations that most fruits carry indicate off the chart nutrient values.

Different ones do different things as well, almost like the magical fruits in video games. They are usually high in fiber and antioxidants as well, contributing to the body’s cleanup. The one thing about fruits though, is that you need to consume them in moderation.

They do contain significant amounts of fructose; fruit sugar. Although the natural state of fruit and fiber prevents this fructose from behaving as its unfiltered cousin does, too much can contribute to weight gain. Go organic and stay away from fruit juice; enjoy responsibly.

#7 Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds, just think of them as little store houses of energy. That explains why squirrels are saving them for winter. Not only are they little store houses of energy, they are packed with amazing fats, vitamins, and minerals.


Chief among the valuable vitamins here is vitamin E, while in most, the best sources are sunflower seeds and almonds. They are also packing all kinds of great fatty acids too, walnuts are packed with omega-3s.

Just like with fruit, there is a caveat with nuts and seeds. You can’t go overboard, and it’s easy to do that. Lay out a single layer on your palm; that’s one serving. Try to remember how many you would actually eat if you had to shell them one by one. That would probably stop you from eating them by the handful.

#8 Fermented Food

It only seems fitting that I end the list with something that some people find gross, just as how I started it. Now you might be wondering why bacteria laden food would be good for us. This is because our bodies were evolved to have a symbiotic relationship with many bacteria.

The truth is, a lot of our digestion is aided by friendly bacteria. So the more you stock your gut with friendly flora, the more efficient and clean your body will be. Such foods you can use to this effect would be pickled vegetables such as sauerkraut and kimchi.


Dairy products like cheese, kefir, and yogurt fit the bill. One of the healthiest ones is called natt0; stinky, slimy fermented soybeans. It’s always the most unappealing things that are good for us.