Top 7 Health Benefits of Running

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health benefits of running

We all know that running is great for your health. It can help you lose weight and get your whole body in shape. Running is proven to help with many different conditions, from mental health to diabetes. But what are the specific health benefits of running?

Here are the top 7 health benefits for runners.

1. Breathing

You may think that running is not an option for those with asthma. However, running actually increases your lung capacity, which enables those who have asthma to breath more easily in the long term. While it may be difficult to start out, becoming a regular runner can improve your asthma over time and decrease your reliance on medication.

2. Strength

Running increases the strength of many aspects of your body. First, it leads to a stronger immune system, which means less illness and stress. It also adds to overall physical endurance, both aerobic and muscular. Running will additionally increase strength in your tendons and joints, which provides a lower risk of injury and easier movement. Running is great for improving all of the physical functions of your body.

3. Blood Flow

Another health benefit of running is that it relieves hypertension, in turn increasing your blood flow. This will reduce your blood pressure, which is hugely beneficial for your heart. Heart disease is the main cause of death across the U.S., which means that paying attention to your heart health is paramount.

4. Bone Density

Running will also increase the density of your bones. Physically, running has a reaction with bone mass that causes your body to produce bone cells that are healthier. Bone density is important for preventing osteoporosis as well as fractures and breaks later in life.

5. Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, running is a great way to do so. It is very effective at burning both calories and fat, which are the main factors of losing weight. Even if you are not a fan of exercise, running is an easy way to lose weight, and you can do at anytime, anywhere.


6. Blood Sugar

For people with diabetes, running has the advantage of keeping your blood sugar at a proper level. This is very important because it makes running a great natural way to help regulate diabetes or prevent diabetes from occurring. Diabetes is a serious illness that can be contracted later in life, and taking steps to prevent it, such as running, is a huge benefit to your overall health.

7. Mental Health

Finally, running has major benefits for your mental health. Exercise is proven to make you feel better, improving your mood by releasing endorphins as well as tension from your body. Running also creates a greater amount of brain cells and connections, improving the function of your brain. Exercise is a proven supplementary treatment to help with addiction, anxiety, stress, and depression. It will even give you better focus and mental awareness.

To learn more about running, how it can benefit your health, and how to run properly, check out this infographic.

benefits of running


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