Raising Children Near Their Grandparents Has Scientific Benefits (Besides The Free Babysitting)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

benefits grandparents and children

Close grandchild-grandparent relationships are an indication of strong ties in the family. In addition, the intergenerational bonds come with its own unique benefits, according to associate professor of sociology, Sara Moorman.

1. Healthy Relationships Between Grandparent and Grandchild Help Prevent Depression

According to a study done by researchers from Boston College, close emotional ties between grown-up grandchildren and their grandparents reduces depressive symptoms for both groups.

Another study disclosed that 11-16-year old children who had a great relationship with their grandmas and grandpas were also less likely to become depressed.


2. Grandkids Help Grandparents Deepen Their Relationship

Grandmothers and grandfathers who regularly spend time with their grandchildren are likely to be more affectionate and loving as the years go by. More so, when it comes to granddads. While studies show that grandmas usually have a more loving and closer relationship with their grandkids than grandpas do, the difference in participation shrinks steadily after 60.

In fact, according to Norwegian sociologist and study co-author Knud Knudsen: “Past 70, the grandfather usually takes the lead.” Not only do grandpas get more involved with age, it seems grandparents become a better tag-team with time as well.

3. Kids with Healthy Relationships with Their Grandparents Have Higher Levels of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify as well as manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of other people. Individuals with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to find happiness in their lives and become successful compared to individuals with low EI.

4. Grandparents Offer a Strong Support System

According to a University of Oxford research, grandchildren with an intimate bond with their grandpas and grandmas have less behavioral problems and are better equipped to deal with difficult issues such as parents divorcing, bullying, substantial moves, or even death. The study went on to explain that grandparents are able to offer a stable support system to their grandchildren when faced with tough situations.

5. Grandchild-Grandparent Ties Help Improve Longevity

Research shows that grandparents who are actively involved in their grandkids’ lives, on average, lived longer compared to those who were not.

A study of 500 grandparents aged 70 years and above revealed that those who did not babysit their grandkids regularly were at a higher risk of dying compared to those who did.


According to the researchers, the improved longevity might be tied to having a sense of purpose, while staying physically and mentally active.

6. Grandkids Who are Close to Their Grandparents Grow Up Less Ageist

At some point, everybody becomes old. That’s life. But wouldn’t you agree that life would be better if younger generations didn’t discriminate against older people? One way to achieve that is by forging strong bonds between grandchildren and grandparents.

According to this study, children who are close to their grandparents are less likely to be biased against older adults, while kids who have a poor-quality relationship with their grandpas and grandmas are more inclined to have ageist views.